Model : IW06A


– Made of the stainless steel and aluminum with unique pipe frame structure provided for “Very Hygienic” machine.
-Available for various products such as vegetable, bean curd/fried bean curd, marine processed products and bread etc. Easy film set up and operation.


Packing speed 5 ~ 30 packs/min.(depends on the packing length)
Film roll width 200 ~ 530mm (600mm/option)
Film cut length 100 ~ 990mm
Product size for packing Width:70 ~ 180mm
Height:40 ~ 110mm
Film materials Heat sealable films (*)
Main power 3-Phase, 200V, 2.1KVA (transformer equipped)
Machine Dimension
L2300 x W918 x H1275mm
Machine Weight
* Excepting a single material film CPP and PE.
* Machine size, weight, color or specification may change without notice.
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