Automatic All-Round Skewering Machine

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    Model : CXW07A


    – Made of the stainless steel and aluminum with unique pipe frame structure provided for “Very Hygienic” machine.
    -Available for various products such as vegetable, bean curd/fried bean curd, marine processed products and bread etc. Easy film set up and operation.


    Packing speed 5 ~ 40 packs/min.(depends on the packing length)
    Film roll width 200 ~ 530mm (600mm/option)
    Film cut length 100 ~ 990mm
    Product size for packing Width:70 ~ 180mm
    Height:40 ~ 110mm
    Film materials Heat sealable films (*)
    Main power 3-Phase, 200V, 2.1KVA (transformer equipped)
    Machine Dimension
    L2300 x W918 x H1275mm
    Machine Weight
    * Excepting a single material film CPP and PE.
    * Machine size, weight, color or specification may change without notice.
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    Model : MUV1

    ■ Operator and environmentally friendly Machine

    Newly designed continuous conveyer produce less nose and less vibration, providing comfortable environment to operators. Skewering device synchronizes to the movement of the conveyer so the center of food material gets skewered. All know-how we gained with MY series machines was further improved upon this model. Also, this machine requires lower energy consumption.

    • Continuous conveyer
    • Round type skewers only
    • Easy removal trays
    • Double skewering


    • Easy to operat
    • Up to 200mm round skewers can be used(for MUV1, MUV2
    • Up to 180mm pistol type, square type, flat type and round type skewers (MUV1T, MUV2T
    • Lower energy consumption with new control syste
    • Lower energy consumption, less noise and less vibration makes operator friendly environment
    • Easy removal/attaching trays can be washed individuall
    • Material check censor is a standard featur
    • Emergency stop is a standard feature
    • S type has removal/attaching conveyer, making cleaning very eas
    • Choose from two types of conveyer lengt
    *Production volume is reference only. It may differ accordingly to the actual food material and operator skill.


    • S type : The conveyer can be removed easil
    • T hopper : Odd shape skewers, such as p pistol type, square type, flat type and round type skewers can be use
    • Additional emergency sto